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How to Trade CFDs

CFD trading is challenging to new forex traders as it has some complexities that are hard to understand. However, once you learn how to trade it probably with the help of a brokerage firm, you realize thaqt it is one of the simplest and user-friendly trades for currencies and other markets. CFD, which stands for contract for difference, is a […]

Bollinger Bands Usefulness In Forex Trading

Bollinger bands in forex trading provide measurements within which the price of a trading asset is estimated. Bollinger bands are measured by carefully studying the width of the bands and analysis done accordingly. Bollinger bands are studied over a long period and are usually used by a trader who wants to find out how a specific currency pair performs over […]

Parabolic SAR Forex Trading Strategy

In the foreign exchange market or any other market, it is vital to keep up with the trends by spotting them quickly. It is also important to know when a trend ends because it becomes easier to leave the trade before making any losses. Traders use different technical indicators to help them in monitoring market activities and identifying the end […]