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The Basics of Moving Averages

Moving averages are among the most commonly used indicators used by traders in forex. They are a method of streamlining price trends by eliminating market noises. Many of the technical trend-following systems today are based on the moving averages system. What Are Moving Averages? Moving averages are indicators that show the mean closing price of a market over specified durations […]

Bollinger Bands Usefulness In Forex Trading

Bollinger bands in forex trading provide measurements within which the price of a trading asset is estimated. Bollinger bands are measured by carefully studying the width of the bands and analysis done accordingly. Bollinger bands are studied over a long period and are usually used by a trader who wants to find out how a specific currency pair performs over […]

What Is Mean Reversion in Forex Trading?

Reversion to the mean, otherwise called mean inversion, is an arithmetic principle utilized in economics and investing. It states that unpredictable costs and ancient vacillations will, in the end, revert or return to the long-haul mean or average of a dataset. For investing purposes, this implies that outrageous, unforeseen variances in stock costs in either course can be relied upon […]

Parabolic SAR Forex Trading Strategy

In the foreign exchange market or any other market, it is vital to keep up with the trends by spotting them quickly. It is also important to know when a trend ends because it becomes easier to leave the trade before making any losses. Traders use different technical indicators to help them in monitoring market activities and identifying the end […]